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Toronto Basement Finishing Services

Step 1:
We meet with you to discuss your basement contracting needs and any special requirements. We will inspect your current basement and take measurements.

Step 2:
We develop a plan outlining exactly what will be done as well as the cost of materials.

Step 3:
We e-mail a quote.

Step 4:
Upon accepting the quote, we will arrange a starting date for your renovation.

Step 5:
The first payment will be made upon delivery of materials. Usually, this will be on the first day of the renovation. Further payments are due after each stage is completed according to our plan. The final payment is made after all work is complete.

Step 6:
Once the job nears completion, we will walkthrough with our customers and do finishing touches to ensure they are pleased with the result.

Step 7:
After everything is done, we will cleanup and remove all tools, equipment and excess materials.

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