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  • Ideal Basements
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As you might know concrete continually releases moisture therefore before installing your finished floors consider using DRIcore® Subfloor, which is a simple do-it-yourself solution that helps to create a warm, dry, and comfortable basement.
DRIcore® is a one-step engineered subfloor that is specifically designed for basements. These subfloor panels have been designed with air gap technology to keep basement floors dry and comfortable as well as reduce the potential for mold and mildew. Thus DRIcore® promotes good indoor air quality by allowing your concrete to breathe. DRIcore® subfloor panels are strong enough to stand up to heavy home furnishings, like home gym equipment, pianos, pool tables, etc. and are suitable under any finished flooring. The convenient 2ft x 2ft panels are easy to transport and install. You can rely on this easy to use product for it to achieve the best results and make your basement renovation that much better.


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