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Top 5 Basement Window Problems

Contrary to popular belief, basement windows have been known to carry with them a few problems that windows located in other places might not have. These issues are usually not known when people install new basement windows for the first time. Therefore, if you are in a position where you must decide between getting them installed or not, refer to this article and make sure you know the possible negative implications.

5. Critters

Accidentally leaving basement windows or having any small openings near the window can leave the basement open to critters that would normally not be able to enter other windows due to the heights of the windows. This prevents you from being able to leave the windows open for too long, even with a screen. Bugs might be an issue also, depending on where you live.

4. Damage

Especially if you live in a snowy area, it’s safe to assume that your basement windows will receive more damage if not properly maintained and the window wells aren’t cleared of debris and snow.


As you might know concrete continually releases moisture therefore before installing your finished floors consider using DRIcore® Subfloor, which is a simple do-it-yourself solution that helps to create a warm, dry, and comfortable basement.
DRIcore® is a one-step engineered subfloor that is specifically designed for basements. These subfloor panels have been designed with air gap technology to keep basement floors dry and comfortable as well as reduce the potential for mold and mildew.

Home Insulation

One of the most trusted products on the market in terms of home insulation.has definitely got to be Roxul's.
Basement renovation calls for a process of careful planning and one of the most crucial steps to take is to do proper insulation. Roxul offers excellent insulation producst that will prevent any kind of moisture, dampness or other kinds of damage from entering your living space. Roxul insulation is water repellent as well as moisture resistant. This is quite important because if your basement suffers from a water accident, such as a flood, then Roxul insulation will dry itself out in no time. It will also dry out any kind of condensation that is trapped between its thick layer and the wall.

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

When you are in the process of renovating your basement, paint colour for the walls happens to be quite an important decision. There are so many ways to experiment with wall paint and wall décor that will make your freshly renovated basement a cozy, new living space. Wall art is an incredibly crucial part of interior design and, at often times, it can be prove to be a challenge. There is a wide range of photography, paintings and other wall art pieces that retail stores offer. However, why not try something that is more personal and something you, yourself, can customize and change every day. What I am referring to is chalkboard paint – a new, fun and stylish way to decorate any living space. A layer of chalkboard paint creates a smooth writing surface that you can write, draw and decorate on using simple chalks.

Painting tips

When you are in the middle of your renovation, colour selection is probably one of the most exciting steps. Once you paint the walls of your new space, the room truly starts to come together and look like home. However, paint selection can also often be a very tedious and even overwhelming task. You probably want the paint colour to compliment your furniture or the overall style you are going for. Paint selection is one of the key decisions you are going to need to make with confidence.

Mold control

Renovating your basement is definitely an exciting process – you are essentially adding an extra living space into your home where you can submerse yourself in choosing new floors, new furniture, decoration and interior design. There is a lot of work that goes into renovating a basement; it is definitely quite a project. There are a lot of decisions to make and things to choose, plan and visualize. However, it is very use to overlook and forget about the health issues of constructing a living space in your basement.

Renovation Ideas on Houzz.com

As exciting as they are, home renovations can often be slightly overwhelming and even challenging. Renovations call for a change and give you a wonderful opportunity to create a new and refreshing design that can spice up your home. Perhaps you have many ideas on how you will turn your current room into a brand new space but most of us experience a kind of blankness when turning to the actual process of renovating. It is a challenge to gather all your ideas and visions into a single coherent concept. With the advent of selection of various designs we may even experience choice abundance or face perplexities we did not expect.

Subflooring Ideas for Basement

Before you install flooring in your basement, it’s necessary to choose a subfloor that will provide protection and durability. The best choice would be a plastic subfloor system for concrete. These subfloors are highly resistant to moisture due to its vapor seal design. They also help to improve the warmth of the flooring in your basement or any other room in the house with a concrete.

Repairing cracks before completing your basement renovations

Before you start your basement renovations consider inspecting the floors for any possible cracks. It's important to seal the crack from water to prevent further deterioration.Cracks need to be dealt with before moisture problems occur which cost much more to repair and create potentially harmful conditions.

Floor plan

I would like to introduce you AutoDesk HomeStyler - a great tool that might be helpful for planning a renovation of your basement or virtually any other room in the house.

It's very simple to use and allows you to create your floor plan within a few minutes. You can also design the interior by choosing any of the furniture images from the library. When hiring a contractor you could always present the desired look of your finished basement indicating exactly what you want using visuals rather than words.